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SCIRE small grant ($5,000) is for researchers who do not have current funding from SCIRE.  The final decision whether or not to award a grant rests with the ad hoc R&D reviewers, in concurrence with SCIRE administration.

A minimal application, which includes the following, should be sent to Jennifer Griffith ( by for scientific review by an ad hoc R&D committee. After a funding decision is made, awardees will be directed to prepare a complete R&D application (and IRB, as applicable). 

This process is similar to the Just in Time submission process for other awards. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The application should include:

  • Research plan, limit of 3 pages (similar to the R&D format, please) NIH Bio-sketch

  • Current funding

  • Budget

The research plan should demonstrate the feasibility solely with the $5,000 budget. In other words, do not propose a study with the scope that approximate a 5 year NIH or Merit Review project, but a reasonable and limited set of studies.

The following criteria will be considered:

  • Innovation

  • Clarity of research plan

  • Qualifications of PI

  • Current funding

  • Likelihood that project can be completed with the $5,000 budget

  • Potential for utilizing project results by demonstrating how the findings will be used to support larger, independent funding.

For your information:

  • A maximum of 2 awards per laboratory per year

  • A researcher who receives an award from SCIRE cannot reapply for 2 years and can only receive the award twice.

  • An R&D sub-committee will decide the scientific merit

  • SCIRE sub-committee will make final funding decision and notify awardees

  • Written reviews are not provided to the applicants

The applications can be accepted at any time. The next group of applications will be reviewed before the February R&D meeting.

The scientists who submitted an application previously for SCIRE grants should review the above application requirements and resubmit their application using these guidelines.

It may be useful to have someone here at VALBHS who is familiar with your work review your proposal for its strengths and weaknesses, prior to submitting your application.

Small Grant Awardees

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